Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who purchased our products over the last decade.  Our U.S. Patented, Proudly Made in USA,, Doctor Recommended Hospital Grade, Reusable Instant

Heat-Packs are of superior quality, surpassing heat-packs from foreign copycats.

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Neck & Shoulder 4x10 Medium Size 8x12 Large Back 5x9 Medium Size Face Treatment 8x8 Medium-Back 12 x 20 Full Back

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3x5 Small (Hand Size), (Compress) HP-35
  • Quality Hospital Grade, US patented reusable Instant Heat & Cooling Packs.
  • Completely portable and generate reliable safe instant 130 deg heat, that can be used where and when you need it for pain relief or general warming.
  • Made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic, soft pliable plastic, latex free , and are completely self contained.
  • Made in the USA, for over 20 plus years.
  • Manufacture's lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Arthritis or Joint Pain

Back Aches

Cold Weather Survival Kits

Cooling Pack

Cramps or Muscle Spasm

Dry Eyes (MGD/Blepharitis)

Fibromyalgia Relief

First Aid Kit Accessories

General Warming

Head Aches

Heated Sports / Stadium Seats

Hunting / Fishing / Camping

Hypothermia Prevention

Industrial Applications

Massage Therapy

Muscle & Joint Pain

Neck or Shoulder Pain

Outdoor Sports / Activities

Paramedical Activities

Scuba Diving (Does not add buoyancy)

Skiing / Snowmobiling

Sports Injuries

Veterinarian Applications

  • Our goal is to help you with your needs and to ensure you, our customers, are satisfied with your product and our service.
  • US Veteran owned is your source for quality, reliable American Made Products that work great.
  • We guarantee our products and refuse to sell you anything that doesn’t meet our high quality standards.
  • Located in Minnesota, the land of snow and cool waters, we know what it takes to keep the chill off and stay warm.
  • Whether you are at an outdoor event, traveling, working outdoors, or want to treat your sore muscles and joints here is the product that will work anytime you need it!
  • Our Instant Heat Packs have had seven US patents in the past 20 plus years of US manufacturing, carry the Made in the USA  label and have a Manufacture’s Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.


  • Corporate, Educational, Military, Dealer, and Volume pricing is available.
  • Please let us know if you wish to be a dealer or to purchase product in bulk or for resale.

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Reusable Instant Heat Packs

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