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Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who purchased our products over the years.  Our U.S. Patented, Proudly Made in USA,, Doctor Recommended Hospital Grade, Reusable Instant

 Heat Packs are of superior quality, surpassing heat-packs from foreign copycats.

Best Wishes & Warmest Regards!   -   Jim  -   US Veteran .


Neck & Shoulder 4x10 Medium Size 8x12 Large Back 5x9 Medium Size Face Treatment 8x8 Medium-Back 12 x 20 Full Back

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3x5 Small (Hand Size), (Compress) HP-35
  • Quality Hospital Grade, US patented reusable Instant Heat & Cooling Packs.
  • Completely portable and generate reliable safe instant 130 deg heat, that can be used where and when you need it for pain relief or general warming.
  • Made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic, soft pliable plastic, latex free , and are completely self contained.
  • Made in the USA, for over 20 plus years.
  • Manufacture's lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Arthritis or Joint Pain

Back Aches

Cold Weather Survival Kits

Cooling Pack

Cramps or Muscle Spasm

Dry Eyes (MGD/Blepharitis)

Fibromyalgia Relief

First Aid Kit Accessories

General Warming

Head Aches

Heated Sports / Stadium Seats

Hunting / Fishing / Camping

Hypothermia Prevention

Industrial Applications

Massage Therapy

Muscle & Joint Pain

Neck or Shoulder Pain

Outdoor Sports / Activities

Paramedical Activities

Scuba Diving (Does not add buoyancy)

Skiing / Snowmobiling

Sports Injuries

Veterinarian Applications

  • Our goal is to help you with your needs and to ensure you, our customers, are satisfied with your product and our service.
  • US Veteran owned QuantumHeatPacks.com is your source for quality, reliable American Made Products that work great.
  • We guarantee our products and refuse to sell you anything that doesn’t meet our high quality standards.
  • Located in Minnesota, the land of snow and cool waters, we know what it takes to keep the chill off and stay warm.
  • Whether you are at an outdoor event, traveling, working outdoors, or want to treat your sore muscles and joints here is the product that will work anytime you need it!
  • Our Instant Heat Packs have had seven US patents in the past 20 plus years of US manufacturing, carry the Made in the USA  label and have a Manufacture’s Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.


  • Corporate, Educational, Military, Dealer, and Volume pricing is available.
  • Please let us know if you wish to be a dealer or to purchase product in bulk or for resale.
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Reusable Instant Heat Packs

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